About V&E Used Car Parts

For more than 5 years, V&E Used Car parts has been satisfying customer's needs by providing them with the used car parts they need at the lowest prices. We store the most comprehensive collection of parts and accessories in the UK. If your used parts shopping experience is a hit-or-miss or simply unsatisfactory, switch over to us. You won't regret it.

V&E Used Car Parts Is Located In The Centre Of Uk in East Midlands.This site has been used as car dismantling yard for more than 3 years and since V&E Used Car Parts Took Over In 2012, it has been a new lease of life with a complete refurbishment and the installation of the latest technology systems.

V&E Used Car Parts Specialise In Supplying Quality Used Car Parts For Most Of The Car Makes And Models.We also have the resources to supply all your needs for used car parts for all late model vehicles. We have worked hard since opening reliable, fast and efficient service.


Key to Success

With over 5 year experience in the used 'car part industry,' V&E Car Part's success has been built on our superior product knowledge, service, support and the advice we are able to provide to our Customers due to our years of experience and know-how.In addition to that, we have developed intimate relationships with our Customers over the years, based on a deep understanding of their needs, trades, and businesses.

Finally, we are committed to providing the best quality and best values range, as well as the best quality service and advice.


Points of Difference

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Bet Only On The Best Parts

With more than 5 years, V&E Used Car Parts has been satisfying customers' needs by providing them with the parts they need at the lowest prices. We house the most comprehensive collection of parts and accessories in Uk. If your parts shopping experience has been unsatisfactory, switch over to us. You won't regret it!


Shopping at Its Safest...and Most Convenient!

Gone are the days when shopping for parts and accessories meant driving through traffic and burning petrol. We have many online payment options that let you shop from the comfort and safety of your home any day and time you feel like it.


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One Stop Shop

Our Customers don’t have to go elsewhere, saving them time to do other things. We're confident that you will be completely satisfied with every product you purchase from us.


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Service and Support

We Have Your Back with Friendly, Expert Customer Service. Our Support team is friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. No painfully long holds or annoying "I don't know" here! If you have questions, they have an answer for you!


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Really Fast Delivery

Let us prove to you that our delivery is second-to-none. If you need parts fast, then you'll feel right at home here at V&E Used Car Parts.With a well-stocked warehouse and well-managed inventory, your order goes from "processed" to "shipped" straight to your doorstep in no time!


A Word from the General Manager of V&E Used Car Parts

At V&E Used Car Parts, we are a 'specialist car part supplier' and pride ourselves on understanding out Customer's needs in order to provide them with the right part for the right car!

With over 5 year's experience in the 'used car part industry', V&E Used Car Part's success has been built on our superior product knowledge and understanding of our Customer's needs and businesses. This stems largely from our Senior Management Team's engineering, construction, electrical, mechanical and building backgrounds and is largely evident in our business today.

In Addition, our success can be attributed to the energy and talent of out staff. It is through our staff that we are able to meet the needs of our Customers and able to deliver our strategic business goals. At V&E Used Car parts, each member of the Sales Team undergoes extensive training across the entire range of products, so our Customers can be assured that when they walk into a V&E Used Car Part shop; they are talking to the professionals.